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Hear it from Bruface students themselves

Successful stories

Bruface, a story we build together


Sara Belarouf, Morocco

As a Chemical and Materials student, my time at Bruface allowed me to carry out more laboratory analyses, working with a wealth of materials, tools, machines and products that I did not have access to before. In addition, I have also improved my English by talking to my professors who were extremely supportive of my interests and research by providing new insights and thoughts.


Bob Kaziri, Burundi

I received the opportunity to study at the VUB through the VLIR-UOS scholarship programme for Electromechanical Engineering. What I found particular positive about my experience at the Bruface is the great support I received from my professors as they guided me through my study process with a sense of genuine interest and mentorship.

How would you describe studying at VUB and ULB in three words?