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Master Programmes in Engineering

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Bruface Msc Degrees in Engineering


Chemical and Materials Engineering

Integration of Process Technology and Materials

This master’s programme aims to train students to become engineers employable in fields such as the petrochemical and polymer industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biotechnology, inorganic bulk chemistry, extractive metallurgy and the recycling industry. The master’s programme encompasses two distinct profiles: Process Technology and Materials. In the Process Technology profile, the student is trained to operate in production units, consultant engineering firms and the environmental sector. The Materials profile covers production and development facilities for different types of materials. The master’s programme has a common core of 56 ECTS, ensuring a strong mutual interaction and integration between both profiles. The development of environmentally friendly and safe production processes for materials, the shaping and processing of materials into intermediate or finished products, and the optimal integration of materials in other disciplines are strongly related to the optimisation of environmentally friendly chemical processes in general.

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Architectural Engineering

Harvesting synergy between engineering and architecture

The master programme in Architectural Engineering trains designers to harvest the synergy between two disciplines: engineering and architecture. The programme provides students with an advanced level of knowledge and insight, and encourages them to be creative and inventive when integrating their knowledge into a complex architectural design. Our goal is to combine the challenges and inventiveness of the modern building industry with a flair for originality and creativity.

All of this is combined with management training, aimed to thoroughly train students to lead architectural projects. An architectural engineer designs complex, sustainable buildings and large-scale architectural projects, and helps shaping the world around us. We offer this programme with cutting-edge, scientific research integrated, optimally preparing you for a wide range of careers.

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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers: more than concrete!

Are you interested in shaping a sustainable world, in planning, designing or constructing the built and natural environment, and changing the lives of millions of people for the better? Are you interested in becoming a master innovator, creating breakthroughs in scientific and technological research, or a leader in the decision-making process? Are you interested in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be able to do this? If the answer is ‘yes’, then our Master of Science in Civil Engineering, in the multicultural capital of Europe, is perfect for you.

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Electrical Engineering

Information technology: omnipresent and ever-evolving

Electronics and information technology spans a broad range of topics related to omni-present systems and devices: smartphones, laptops, robots, games, cars, medical imagers, solar farms, the ‘Internet of Things’, and so on. With Bruface, you can become an expert in this field, ensuring a career in an ever-evolving aspect of society. The programme combines a rigorous scientific and technical education with the development of practical skills. It encourages independence, creativity and inventiveness, and it shapes competent engineers who can contribute to society on many – if not all – levels.

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Electromechanical Engineering

Kick-start your future

Studying Electromechanical Engineering in Brussels is a smart choice. The Bruface collaboration between the two largest educational institutions of engineering in Brussels, offers you the best of both worlds: an English-taught programme with no less than four possible specialisations and a highly qualified academic staff. The multidisciplinary two-year programme combines technology and strong scientific knowledge, and provides you with a large international network of companies and research facilities. There’s no better place than this internationally oriented city to kick start your career.

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Other Msc degrees in Engineering at VUB or ULB

Master of Science degrees at VUB

Biomedical Engineering

Five leading research and educational institutions in Europe collaborate to offer a joint Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Biomedical Engineering, providing a top-quality eduction in all aspects of biomedical engineering. Read more

Biomedical Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

This two year programme offers a comprehensive training in the different aspects of water resources management and engineering, with a focus on the use of numerical simulation tools in a framework of project based learning. Read more

Water Resources Engineering

Master of Science in Photonics Engineering

This programme offers students a challenging engineering programme that combines core photonics courses with a whole range of photonics electives and multidisciplinary modules. Read more


Master of Applied Computer Science

This programme is organised to accommodate your scientific background and future-oriented academic interests – developing the necessary Computer Science and Data Science skills by complementing your primary field of expertise. Read more

Master of Applied Computer Science

Physical Land Resources

The Physical Land Resources Master’s programme aims to form experts that are able to manage and protect the land as well as manipulate the specifics and properties of the soil. Read more

Physical Land Resources

Master of Science degrees at ULB

Physics Engineering

The physics engineering Master focuses on developing a deep understanding of the physical phenomena on which cutting-edge technologies are based. The second axis of teaching is dedicated to applied mathematics, an essential tool in scientific applications. Read more

Engineering Physics

Computer Science Engineering

This programme exploits the power of computer systems to develop innovative solutions to complex problems, such as global information systems, artificial intelligence and powerful data analysis tools, used in particular in medical research. Read more

computer engineering ulb

Biomedical Engineering

The biomedical civil engineer, thanks to its unique multidisciplinary profile, at the crossroads of the biomedical world and engineering, is capable of designing and implementing equipment that meets the complex constraints of technology and life. Read more

biomedical engineering ulb