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Successful stories

Bruface, a story we build together

How would you describe your Bruface experience in one word ? That is the question we asked our students. Discover their testimonials!

Jessica Oliveira, Brazil

Jessica Oliveira, Brazil

I started my master’s degree in Civil Engineering in August/2020, and I am really enjoying the experience. Even in these difficult times with the coronavirus pandemic, I had all support from the university and the online classes were as good as they could be. I learned a lot during this short time I have been here. It was very clear the professors’ interest in improving our engineering skills and knowledge. I am glad to have chosen VUB for my masters, and I can see my growth as a student and as an engineer.



Sara Belarouf, Morocco

As a Chemical and Materials student, my time at Bruface allowed me to carry out more laboratory analyses, working with a wealth of materials, tools, machines and products that I did not have access to before. In addition, I have also improved my English by talking to my professors who were extremely supportive of my interests and research by providing new insights and thoughts.

Architectural Engineering Hana

Hana Taherazar, Iran

Pursuing my studies in Master of Architectural Engineering in a diverse and international environment of this program contributes to broaden my horizons and establish a rich network of like-minded individuals. During this challenging period of COVID-19 pandemic the support provided by professors and staff is valuable, especially the encouragement we receive to progress continuously. All in all, I am pleased to observe my advancement, and I am looking forward to future growth.

Nicolas Sternberg

Nicolas Sternberg, Germany

Doing my Masters in the capital of Europe offered me the possibility to deepen my subject-specific skills, to learn and benefit from the multicultural environment at the two universities and to enjoy the vibes of Brussels. Practical classes and the internship opportunity granted me hands-on experience, and further, a headstart in my career. Working in international teams on electric vehicle projects improved not only my competencies and language skills, but made me also develop friendships with fellow students from all around the globe.

Electromechanical Engineering Luis

Luis Fernando Gulfo Hernandez, Colombia

Studying at BRUFACE has been a remarkable experience, both professionally and personally. The juxtaposition of the Belgian culture and the synergy between VUB and ULB combined with the extensive involvement of international students results in a collaborative and multicultural environment, which I have discovered to be one of the core aspects of my master’s programme, even during these unprecedented times due to Covid-19. The variety of academic majors within the Master in Electromechanical Engineering has provided to me the opportunity to enrich my experience by working with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds, under the comprehensive guidance of experts from leading Belgian universities. This set-up undoubtedly imparts to us the most valuable interpersonal and technical skills to face new research challenges


Bob Kaziri, Burundi

I received the opportunity to study at the VUB through the VLIR-UOS scholarship programme for Electromechanical Engineering. What I found particular positive about my experience at the Bruface is the great support I received from my professors as they guided me through my study process with a sense of genuine interest and mentorship.

How would you describe studying at VUB and ULB in three words?